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Pruvit Keto OS Review – Does It Work?

Pruvit Keto OS is one of the most popular ketogenic diet supplements that claims to help you lose weight through ketosis.

Within the last several years keto diet have taken the world by storm. Success stories from all around the world have been appearing in social media. It’s inspiring to see people lose incredible amounts of weight within a relatively short amount of time.

If you’ve ever tried eating low-carb, it is tough. Especially at the very beginning. When you feel tired (oh, the notorious keto flu) and constantly crave for carbohydrates. It’s not uncommon for people to even crave for carbs that they never ate before starting their diets!

Keto supplements are claiming to resolve this initial problem by kick-starting you into ketosis, thus reducing or even skipping the unwanted side-effects of the keto diet.

Pruvit Keto OS is one of these supplements. Keto OS stands for Keto Operating System. This keto supplement is manufactured by a startup company named Pruvit.

What is Pruvit Keto OS?

Pruvit Keto OS Shakes

Like I mentioned before, Pruvit Keto OS is one of the ketogenic diet supplements that supplies your body (among other things) with exogenous ketone bodies.

The ketones come from their patent-pending BHB Salts. They are essentially chemical compounds that contain simple salts and beta-hydroxybutyrate, a ketone body that is naturally occuring in nature.

The product comes in the form of powder that you’re supposed to take two times a day. Once in the morning and once in the evening.

The Pruvit Keto OS comes in two forms – a caffeinated one (they called it “charged”) and a caffeine-free. They advise you to take the one with caffeine in the morning and the caffeine-free one before going to bed.

What are the benefits of Pruvit Keto OS?

The company claims numerous benefits that their product brings. Some of those claims are evidence based and approved by the scientific community. Some of them are still under on-going research, so there is insufficient data to draw conclusions.

However, the customers have reported positive results when the supplements are they are taken with a reduced carbohydrate diet.

The following are the benefits outlined by Pruvit:

Can help you reach ketosis faster

This is the main selling point of Keto OS. As the supplement provides your body with ketones, it is supposed to trick your body into a state where it assumes it is in ketosis and thus triggers the production of more ketones.

There is truth to that and this has been backed by scientific research. The initial studies have confirmed that introducing beta-hydroxybutyrate has induced the production of more ketone bodies (PubMed publication). However, more thorough studies are needed in order to fully measure the impact of supplements like this.

It’s important to note that even though it improves your time to ketosis, the measured benefit in the study was not very big. It could be just enough to push you into full ketosis but if that’s the only feature you’re looking for, it’s probably not the product for you.

Exogenous ketone bodies have several other benefits that make the low-carb dieting easier.

Can improve your exercise performance

Pruvit Keto OS: Improved Exercise Performance

Generally speaking, ketogenic diet works by using your existing fat as energy. The resulting molecule from this process is a ketone. When in ketosis, your body produces a constant stream of ketones and this process requires oxygen.

When you’re exercising, your body’s oxygen consumption increases and so does your body’s demand for energy. At the same time, ketone production remains more or less constant.

Keto supplements like Pruvit Keto OS can compensate for this by introducing more ketones in your system. It gives your body extra energy that you need during physical activity.

The need for this depends on the exercises you’re doing. Keto works very well with many exercises and it can actually help you improve your endurance significantly.

However, this is not the case at the very beginning of the diet and for exercises that require short bursts of energy (e.g. doing HIIT training or sprinting short distances). For this your body usually requires glucose which comes from carbohydrates.

Exogenous ketone bodies in Pruvit Keto OS can be a keto-friendly alternative that will provide you with more or less identical effects to that of glucose.

Can help you avoid keto flu

Keto flu is something that happens whenever a person starts their ketosis. It is characterised as a group of unpleasant, flu-like symptoms. They usually happen once the person starts their low-carb diet and body starts switching its energy source from glucose to ketones.

Pruvit Keto OS has exogenous ketone bodies. According to the manufacturer, the beta-hydroxybutyrate helps your body to bridge the gap by providing extra ketones at the beginning of the diet. According to them, this either reduces or completely removes the flu-like feeling at the beginning.

The extra energy provided by ketones, mixed with caffeine, should also make you feel more energized, further reducing the unwanted side-effects of keto.

Can help you with mental performance

This is one of the greatest features of the keto. Once the body enters ketosis, you will experience improved mental performance and better mental clarity. This can be especially great if you’re studying or working a job that requires focus and attention.

Pruvit Keto OS: Improved Focus

Keto was also observed to improve cognitive function of people who have mild Alzheimers. Another improvement has been recorded for patients suffering from epilepsy and Parkinson’s disease. In both cases reduced neurological damage has been recorded. (PubMed publication)

Some of these studies were conducted by using beta-hydroxybutyrate, the same body that is found in Pruvit Keto OS.

Can reduce the feeling of hunger

Another benefit of ketogenic diet is the reduced feeling of hunger once the body enters ketosis. This, along with many keto-friendly food options, might be one of the main reasons why keto diet has such a high success rate.

It has been observed that an increase in ketones in blood corresponds to reduced appetite. This means that supplementing your body with exogenous ketones can help you amplify this effect.

Can help you lose fat quicker

Being on a diet means trying to lose weight (to be specific – the weight of fat). Ketogenic diet is one of the ways that many people found success in.

Supplements like Pruvit Keto OS directly do not influence the loss of fat. This process still depends on your diet and physical activity.

However, with everything that we’ve mentioned above, supplements with exogenous ketones can help you with two things that do affect the fat loss:

It helps you stick to the diet

This is achieved through things like energy boosts and improved mental performance. These things are often underestimated. However, they play a key role in people’s well-being and their ability to stick to dietary restrictions.

It reduces the unpleasant effects of the diet

It’s something that everyone, on any diet, have to push through. For ketogenic diet the side-effects will vary from person to person but in the end everyone feel at least some of the negative aspects. Exogenous ketones from the supplements can help you reduce these effects.

What ingredients are in Pruvit Keto OS?

Nutrition Facts of Pruvit Keto OS
(Mint Chip Cream Flavor)

The main ingredient is what the manufacturer calls N8 Max NAT™. It is a patent-pending compound which consists of r-beta-hydroxybutyrate (the ketone body) L-Taurine, fermented L-Leucine and C-Med 100 (shown to improve DNA repair).

The supplements also include Vitamin B6 and B12 as well as calcium, sodium and magnesium.

The “charged” packets contain caffeine and Pruvit recommends people to take them in the morning. For sweetening, Keto OS uses Stevia.

These compounds are in all Keto OS products, no matter what flavour you pick.

Keto OS does contain some carbohydrates. While it’s very little (up to 5g but depends on flavour), that can be considered a lot if you’re on a very strict low-carb diet.

Unfortunately Keto OS is not dairy free, it contains between 2 and 3 grams of dairy, depending on the flavour.

However, all flavours are gluten free and some flavours are vegan (Chocolate Swirl and Max Maui Punch).

What flavors does Pruvit Keto OS have?

Pruvit Keto OS comes in numerous different flavours. They range from fruity to chocolaty. The best one, however, would probably depend on individual preferences.

Pruvit Keto OS Flavors

Right now Pruvit can offer the following flavours for their Keto OS NAT product:

  • Mint Chip Cream
  • Trü Passion
  • Life’s A Peach
  • Swiss Cacao
  • Raspberry Lemonade
  • Splash
  • Heart Tart
  • Lime Time
  • Maui Punch

Supplements that contain  exogenous ketone bodies are infamous for having an unpleasant taste. Manufacturers attempt to fix this by adding artificial flavouring and sweeteners. Keto OS is no exception.

Some flavours mask the unpleasant taste better than the others. From consumer feedback we’ve collected, Keto OS would rank average on its taste. It’s not bad but definitely not the best.

Should you take Pruvit Keto OS?

It depends on your goals. Ketosis can be achieved naturally by strictly limiting your carbohydrate intake. For some people this process is effortless whilst others are constantly fighting their flu-like symptoms and cravings for carbs.

Other factors like your physical activity should also be taken into account. The more active you are and the more energy-requiring exercises you’re doing, the more you will benefit from them.

All in all, taking the supplement should make your dieting easier. Exogenous ketones will definitely provide you with more energy, improve your mental performance and reduce hunger.

There is some evidence suggesting it may also help you get into ketosis faster, followed by increased fat loss over time.

Drinking Pruvit Keto OS

The Pruvit Keto OS manufacturer also claims that you can use the supplement to be in ketosis even when you’re not on a low-carbohydrate diet. There might be some truth to that according to scientific sources cited earlier. However, we recommend you to reduce your carbohydrates at least a little for maximum results.

In the end, some benefits are guaranteed, some others are debatable and the effects are likely to vary from person to person. If you want a smoother ride on keto, you should probably get it. If not, you will be able to reach the same goal but it might be more uncomfortable and might take more time.

Does Pruvit Keto OS work?

Once again, it depends on your goals and what you expect from the supplement.

The main ingredient of the supplement is an exogenous ketone, a ketone identical to the one in your body when you’re on a ketogenic diet. What’s the takeaway? The supplement will provide you with the same benefits that your body’s ketones can provide.

This includes improved cognitive function, increased endurance during exercise, reduced feeling of hunger and elevated level of energy.

You can magnify the effects by taking it whenever you feel like you need it because the Pruvit Keto OS supplement can be taken on-demand.

Slightly less powerful effects are faster time to ketosis and increased fat loss. These effects have been confirmed by initial studies but the observed effects were not significant. However, more research is pending to confirm the effects.

Is Pruvit Keto OS safe?

This is a very common concern for people who are just starting with dietary or fitness supplements.

The general answer to this question is: yes, it is safe. There is nothing inside those packets that could make you sick or unwell.

However, if you have any pre-existing conditions, allergies or just have doubts in general, you should always consult your physician.

Another thing to note is the fact that people usually take this supplement when they are on a ketogenic diet. The diet itself has some side-effects that are normal and expected. Even though the supplement does suppress those effects, it’s not unlikely that some of these symptoms will still occur. And will occur with varying magnitudes.

However, if you’re unsure about which diet to choose or after starting a diet you started feeling unwell, always consult your medical professional for further assistance.

Where can I buy Pruvit Keto OS?

There are numerous sellers who are providing them. However, most of them are individuals or small companies with limited shipping options.

That’s why the best place to buy is probably Amazon, which supports 1-day shipping as well as international shipping. It will be a nice addition when making your next Amazon order!

Pruvit Keto OS is also for sale by the manufacturer but they require you to sign up as a distributor. Which I think is an unnecessary hassle, especially considering the fact that they do not offer discounts compared to Amazon.

Bottom line (TL;DR)

Pruvit Keto OS is a good supplement for those who are starting their low-carb journey or want to improve their mental or athletic performance while on keto.


  • Can help speed up time to ketosis
  • Can help reduce keto side-effects
  • Suppresses hunger
  • Improves mental performance
  • Improves athletic performance
  • Quick international shipping


  • Not the best tasting product
  • Can get pricey

Best place to get it


Alternatives to Consider

Purefit Keto

Perfect Keto

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the risks of taking Pruvit Keto OS?

There are no known serious health risks of taking the supplement. However, there is a lack of research on the effects of long term use of supplements containing exogenous ketone bodies.

The side-effects of Keto OS are very similar to the ones experienced by people on keto diet. This includes:

  • Digestive issues. This very much depends on the person. Some people immediately notice digestive irritation, others will never feel a thing.
  • Bad breath. Ketones naturally have an unpleasant odor. Once you enter ketosis, some of that smell may be felt from your breath. The good news is that you can fix it by keeping good oral hygiene and drinking plenty of water.
  • Low blood sugar. This is why people who have diabetes should consult their physician before starting any ketogenic diet or taking keto supplements.

Is Pruvit Keto OS expensive?

Without a doubt, Pruvit Keto OS is one of the more expensive options. If you’re taking the recommended amount, it can add up to well over 100 dollars per month.

If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, you may want to check out our other reviews of competing supplements.

Do I have to be on a low carb diet to take Keto OS?

The manufacturer claims that no dietary changes must be done. However, they do recommend that you lower your carbohydrates.

If your goal is to lose weight and you decide to take this supplement, I also recommend you to either enter a low-carbohydrate diet or start reducing your daily caloric intake. This will yield you the best weight loss results and other benefits provided by the supplement.

Considering the nature of the product, a low-carb diet (the stricter, the better) will probably work the best.

Pruvit Keto OS is an MLM. Is it a scam?

As far as the product goes, it is no different than its competition that is for sale without MLM networks. From that point of view, it is not a scam.

If you go to Pruvit’s official website, you might be persuaded and tempted to sign up as a distributor. However, not unless you fully understand how those networks work we do not recommend doing so. There’s a certain element of risk and financial commitment involved. Either way, whether or not MLM networks are a scam is beyond the scope of this review.

If you want to buy it without any hassle, we recommend you to do so through Amazon.

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