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Purefit Keto Review

Based on our expertise and user feedback, Purefit Keto is a legitimate dietary supplement that can speed up weight loss. Currently, you can try Purefit for free. However, you should hurry – as this exclusive offer comes with an expiration date.

What’s Good:

  • Faster weight loss
  • Reduced hunger and appetite
  • Helps reach and maintain ketosis
  • Improved mental performance
  • Improved athletic performance
  • Excellent quality and price ratio
  • Free trial (limited)

What’s Not so Good:

  • Has some controversy regarding marketing in the early days of existence
  • Only available online

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Overall Verdict

Purefit Keto is a legitimate product that could help you reach your weight goals faster and relieve the initial ketogenic diet side effects. While they are temporary, some people find the first several weeks of keto quite challenging. According to user feedback, supplements like Purefit Keto helped them stay strong and reach their weight goals.

If you switch to the keto diet, you will most likely start losing weight within several weeks. Especially if you regularly exercise, limit your meals and manage to get your macros right (the correct proportion of carbs, protein and fat), the results can be stunning.

Purefit Keto can help you reach the same results but without such a big sacrifice. However, the results may vary depending on the level of “freedom” that you reward yourself with, especially food wise. If you eat two big buckets of ice cream and a keto pill, obviously the ice cream will win against the keto pill (or any other).

If you decide to do both at the same time – start a strict ketogenic diet and take Purefit Keto supplement, you can expect maximum results. Exogenous ketones (main Purefit ingredient) will amplify the effect of your natural keto diet, providing you with even greater mental and physical performance, along with reduced hunger and weight loss.

The latter option is the recommended way by both the manufacturer and dietary specialists. However, if you’re new to a low-carb diet it’s better to ease into it by gradually reducing carbohydrates. Cutting off carbs completely for the first time in your life can be a bit of a shock to your organism and keto flu symptoms might be stronger.

Long story short – yes, Purefit Keto is definitely worth a shot, especially if you’re a beginner in low-carb diets! The supplement compliments the diet equally to how the diet compliments the supplement.

Purefit Keto Benefits

The supplement has numerous benefits that can positively impact your weight loss and the effectiveness of your current diet. Based on our expertise and user reviews, here’s what you can expect from Purefit Keto:

Faster weight loss and reduced appetite

Using Purefit Keto leads to having higher ketone level in your blood. Increased ketone level in blood results in a lower level of the ghrelin (a hormone that is responsible for the feeling of hunger). Reduced appetite naturally leads to eating less, which results in losing weight faster.

The reduced appetite effect of ketones is well-known among people who have tried or at least researched ketogenic diets. When you take Purefit Keto, the effect comes directly from the exogenous ketones.

Reach and maintain ketosis for effective fat burning

Some people who struggled to get into ketosis for a couple of weeks, claim to have successfully reached their goal after using Purefit Keto.

Even though this claim hasn’t yet been researched thoroughly, many people report positive effects of Purefit keto in terms of weight loss. Similar to any supplement, the results vary from person to person.

However, the vast majority of those who used used the supplement along with following the ketogenic diet, reported to have experienced successful weight loss effects.

Improved focus and metal performance

While carbohydrates provide you with a boost of energy, it doesn’t last long. That’s why carbohydrate-seeking brains tend to have bursts of productivity. Unfortunately, it is followed by tiredness, lack of focus and the so-called mental fog.

When your body runs on ketones, the stream of energy is constant and therefore such cognitive distortions are pretty much gone. The supplement can provide you with ketones increasing the energy available for the brain, resulting in improved focus and mental performance!

Increased endurance and physical performance

Purefit Keto: Athletic Performance

Once again, this is a well-known fact for people who have tried ketogenic diets and kept regularly exercising. The continuous energy provided by ketosis combines well with physical activity.

As your body no longer depends on quickly-depleting resources of glucose, you should start noticing your ability to continue an exercise for a longer duration of time.

If you’re doing high intensity-exercises, exogenous ketones in Purefit Keto can provide your body with the extra energy it needs in a keto-friendly way.

Reduced keto side-effects (induction / keto flu)

If you’re sticking to a ketogenic diet (which we recommend for best results), you are likely to experience some unpleasant symptoms that are similar to the ones you get when you get the flu.

They occur when your body adapts to the new diet and begins the switch glucose to ketones. While this is normal and expected, it is not the greatest feeling when you’re fatigued, light headed and nauseated.

The exogenous ketones can speed up the transition and reduce the keto flu symptoms. Some consumers report having no unpleasant keto symptoms at all.

How Does Purefit Keto Work?

If you’re new to keto, in order to understand how the Purefit Keto supplement works, you first need to understand how the keto diet itself works. Keto diet and Purefit Keto effects correlate very closely. To put it in other words, they compliment each other.

Glucose vs. Ketones

What you need to know about keto, it’s that it works by switching your body’s source of energy. For most people, the majority of their energy comes from carbohydrates which are a part of the food you eat.

In your body, those carbohydrates are converted to glucose. Then, the brain, muscles and other internal organs consume glucose as fuel. It is a readily available, high energy molecule that your body LOVES.

It is a known fact that the nature is lazy. Human bodies are no exception and that’s why they want energy that comes in high quantities and is easy to consume. The end result is – people crave for sweet and starchy foods.

Going Low Carb

Let’s take carbohydrates out of the equation. What does your body do?

The liver starts producing special molecules called ketones. Once your body starts continuous production of ketones, the process is called ketosis (that’s where the name “keto” comes from).

The great thing about ketones is: they’re produced from fat. What’s even better? Your body needs energy all the time, so you are burning fat all throughout the day, doing nothing!

You can achieve that by reducing your daily carbohydrates to a bare minimum (50g max, some people go as low as 10g).

Exogenous Ketones

The flagship ingredient in Purefit Keto is the so-called BHB (abbreviation of a compound beta-hydroxybutyrate). It is an exogenous ketone, which basically means a ketone that did not originate in the human body.

In the supplement this compound is paired with salt. That’s why you may also have heard people use the term BHB salts.

Aside from that, the ketone is exactly the same as the one found in your body.

The manufacturer states that introducing your body to ketones kick-starts the ketosis and thus starts burning the fat. According to them, this lets you enjoy the effects and the benefits of the ketogenic diet, without making huge sacrifices for your daily diet.

Do Exogenous Ketones Work?

This statement should be taken with a grain of salt. There there have been initial studies (PubMed publication) that looked into the effect of exogenous ketones in the human body. The results state that the desired effect might be minimal.

A more in-depth research is pending regarding the compound’s ability to induce and sustain ketosis.

However, you should not underestimate other positive effects of ketones. It doesn’t matter where the ketone comes from (your liver or a supplement like Purefit Keto), it still has the ability to provide your brain with keto-friendly energy and the benefits that come along with it.

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What Ingredients Are in Purefit Keto?

The main ingredient that makes Purefit Keto work is BHB salts (to be precise: magnesium, calcium and sodium). Like we mentioned at the very beginning, the compound provides exogenous ketones. They, among other things, are associated with helping people’s bodies trigger ketosis.

Other Purefit Keto ingredients:

Magnesium stearate

A very common compound used in dietary supplements and medicine. Used as a structural component to control quality and time when the capsule should dissolve in your digestive tract. Generally considered safe to consume.

Rice Flour

Makes up most of the capsule. Because rice has no gluten, it makes the product gluten-free!

Silicon Dioxide

Yet another very common ingredient in dietary supplements. It is used as an agent that prevents the ingredients from sticking together. Silicon dioxide is present in almost all leafy vegetables, therefore it is completely safe to use.


Another abundant compound, found in many everyday foods and supplements.

Purefit Keto Drawbacks

Even though Purefit Keto comes with numerous benefits, there are some downsides to it. Most of them concern marketing and their PR. Here’s everything you need to know about rumors and marketing failures of Purefit Keto.

The rumors and early marketing

There have been some rumors surrounding the Purefit Keto supplement. Usually the rumors state that the supplement is a scam, a waste of money and that people who take it will not experience any benefits.

Such allegations are not uncommon for all dietary supplements. The same story goes from weight loss pills to protein powder (usually used by athletes).

Yes, some products are designed with deception in mind and they don’t actually work. However, products like that usually come and go. They tend to not be around for long because people eventually just stop buying them.

For other products, the allegations stem from consumers who are not willing to make the required lifestyle changes in order for the product to work. As an alternative example let’s take protein powder.

It’s designed to be used for athletes who are under intense weight and strength training, in order to provide muscles with enough protein so that they can regenerate. However, it won’t work if you decide to take the supplement without any physical activity. Any excess protein will end up as fat as body will just take the supplement as fuel.

Same goes for supplements like Purefit Keto. If you don’t make any changes for your carbohydrate intake, you can expect very little or no fat loss at all.

Take everything you read online with a grain of salt. Both the benefits and the ineffectiveness can be exaggerated.

Purefit Keto: Shark Tank Controversy

Some of the controversy regarding Purefit Keto is associated with Shark Tank. Shark Tank is  popular US TV show in which startup companies pitch their ideas to investors (“sharks”) in hopes to get funding for their projects.

It is not fully known how this connection occurred. Purefit Keto was never on any of the Shark Tank episodes. The main theory states that “featured on Shark Tank” bit was present on one of the very early marketing materials released by Purefit Keto.

No one knows if this was an intentional attempt to attract attention by using the well-known name of Shark Tank or not. It could have been put mistakenly by an agency that was responsible for providing the initial designs. It’s likely that the Shark Tank logo was just a placeholder that was not removed in time.

Whatever the true story was, any marketing material that was referencing Shark Tank has been promptly removed after the mistake was identified. From what we were able to find, there are no surviving evidence that would prove the connection.

Purefit Keto is designed to help your body reach ketosis and stay in it. To put it in other words – it gives your body the extra kick that’s needed for it to burn fat for energy. That’s why you should follow a ketogenic diet as both the diet and the supplement compliment each other.

Only available online

As popular as the supplement has become, it is still only available online. However, ordering it online will bring Purefit Keto straight to your doorstep. Here you can order it and benefit from the currently available free trial.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Purefit Keto?

Purefit Keto is a dietary supplement that helps people achieve ketosis and speed up weight loss. It is known to work best with low carb and ketogenic diets that have many health benefits.

Low-carbohydrate diets have been known for over a century and they have been successfully used to treat obesity, type 2 diabetes, epilepsy, Alzheimer’s and many other conditions. Only recently it took the social media world by storm with people’s success stories.

The diet is famous for relatively fast weight loss, usually accompanied by reduced appetite. This combination resulted in a high success rate, that caused the diet to gain traction and get very popular in 2018.

However, the diet is notorious for it’s all or nothing approach. This means that people either stick to it and succeed or quit the diet without experiencing any noticeable weight loss. This is where supplements like Purefit Keto come in. The manufacturer claims to help your body induce the effect of a ketogenic diet immediately (usually the process can take anywhere from weeks to months) and reduce the unwanted side-effects that usually come with it.

Where Can I Buy Purefit Keto?

There are numerous online stores where you can buy the supplement. Due to previously mentioned information and the marketing fails, there are various scam websites that sell people a different product that goes by a similar name or simply take the money and send nothing at all. That’s why we recommend you to get Purefit Keto from a reputable source.

If you’re interested in quick and convenient shipping you can order it here, from the manufacturer. You will even get a bottle for free.

How To Take Purefit Keto?

Unlike many other BHB products that come in the form of flavorful powder, Purefit Keto is comes in the form of pills. Manufacturer recommends you to take it twice a day, preferably one in the morning and the other in the evening.

You can increase the number of pills per day if you feel like you could benefit from more energy (for example, before going to a high-intensity workout). However, deviations from the suggested use should be done with caution.

If you’re unsure, you should consult your physician. This goes for any dietary supplement.

Is Purefit Keto expensive?

When compared to the competitors, Purefit Keto is one of the cheapest ways to get the exogenous ketones. The bottle contains 60 servings (2 pills per day). So, if you take the recommended amount, it should last you around a month, all for the price of around 30-40 US dollars.

The cheaper price can probably be explained because it comes in the form of pills. Unlike some of the competition, which serve the exogenous ketones through powder which needs to be mixed with water. That requires more ingredients in order to ensure that the final product tastes nice and dissolves in water well.

However, some people prefer pills as they are easy to take and do not have an unpleasant aftertaste.

Do I have to be on a low carb diet to take Purefit Keto?

The manufacturer doesn’t explicitly say so. However, we highly recommend you to be on a low-carbohydrate diet in order for the Purefit Keto to work at its maximum efficiency.

The reason for this is the fact that exogenous ketones alone, while they do trigger increased production of ketones in the body (i.e. starting ketosis), the effect itself can be relatively insignificant.

In order to maximize the results you need to reduce your carbohydrates at least a little bit.

Is Purefit Keto Safe?

Generally speaking – yes. Judging by the ingredients stated on the Purefit Keto’s label, there should be no health risks for people who decide to take it. Exogenous ketones are not known to cause any health issues and the rest of the compounds are also widely considered safe.

Safety is a concern if you are allergic to at least one of the ingredients present in the supplement. If that is the case or if you are unsure about possible allergic reactions, consult your physician before taking the supplement.

The same goes for pregnant women and people with pre-existing conditions. Great caution should be taken by people who have diabetes or are taking medication for high blood pressure.

What are the risks of taking Purefit Keto?

There are no significant risks when taking Purefit Keto.

However, you can expect some discomfort as a result of ketosis. The unpleasant feeling is a result of your body reacting to a new type of fuel. This is the case for everyone trying to lose weight through ketosis (whether using the supplement or through strict keto dieting).

BHB supplements are known for reducing some of the side effects of ketosis. However, they do not always completely suppress them. The most common side effects include:

Nausea, flu-like symptoms

This is usually a result of induction (keto) flu. Usually passes within one or two weeks.

Bad breath

Ketones naturally have an unpleasant odor. Once your body enters ketosis, bad breath can be expected. Thankfully, you can counter it by keeping good oral hygiene and drinking plenty of water.

Reduced physical performance

Also temporary, usually passes within a week or two. Taking the supplement should reduce this negative side-effect.

Important: always consult your physician before taking the supplement if you have pre-existing conditions (especially diabetes and high blood pressure) or is allergic to at least one of the active ingredients. Immediately contact medical professionals if you start feeling unwell after taking any dietary supplement.

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