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Keto Mojo Full Review

Keto Mojo is a ketone meter device that can help you to answer a very popular question among keto beginners:

How do I know if I’m in ketosis?”

A Keto Beginner, probably

In this Keto Mojo review I will answer most of the questions that people have when deciding if they should get a ketone-measuring device for themselves.

What Is Keto Mojo?

Keto Mojo Ketone Meter

Keto Mojo is a ketone meter that also doubles as a glucose tester for people on a ketogenic diet. Its primary purpose is to measure ketone levels in your blood.

The company boasts about Keto Mojo ketone meter being a cheap and reliable alternative to ketone strips sold in pharmacies. At the time of writing, they say that a single test costs $0.99, so essentially a dollar per test.

The cheapest starter kit costs $59.99 and contains the Keto Mojo ketone meter, 10 ketone strips, 10 glucose strips, a lancing device with 10 lancets and an accessory bag.

Keto Mojo: An Overpriced Glucose Meter?

When I started researching the topic, I was under impression that the Keto Mojo device is made specifically for people on keto. However, it seemed unreal for such a young and small company to sell a complicated device like that.

The Manufacturing Background

The Keto Mojo device itself is a TD-4279 glucose meter manufactured by a Taiwanese company called TaiDoc. A quick Google search of the model number can quickly uncover numerous identical products with the only difference being the logo at the top of the device.

Judging by the manufacturer documentation, the ketone meter device is exactly the same that Keto Mojo sells. It meets the same ISO standards, it has the 2+2 Bio Signal Technology and it has the same specs, including Bluetooth connectivity.

All of that is not bad by itself as it’s unreasonable to expect a small team of people without medical and engineering backgrounds to manufacture a device that meets the standards set by the government. This requires an enormous amount of time, effort and equipment to manufacture a device like that.

However, the price that they’re charging is something to consider. Right out of the gate I should note that blood testing is an expensive way to to test your ketones. Urine strips is an example of a great alternative that will cost you no more than $0.25 per test (a pack of 50 costs just $12.49 at Target at the time of writing).

Is Keto Mojo Worth The Price?

Let’s say you still want blood testing because it is a bit more accurate and you don’t want to deal with color comparison which you need to do if you use keto urine strips. In that case, you can find exactly the same device and get it cheaper. The only difference is that it doesn’t have Keto Mojo logo on it.

The cheapest TD-4279 ketone meter device I was able to find was for $14.80 and it’s called GlucoRx HCT Meter. Aside from the difference in name, the product is exactly the same and it will work with the same ketone and glucose strips.

The only positive takeaway that I see: buying the starter kit from Keto Mojo is convenient. If you decide to buy everything yourself, at the very least will need a lancing device and testing strips. I’m sure it’s possible to find all of them cheaper – whether that would be online or in pharmacy stores. I know that buying stuff in different places is a bit annoying, but it might be worth the time if you want to save some money.

In the end, it’s up to you to decide if Keto Mojo is worth the investment. Ketone meters are usually useful only at the very beginning, so I’m not sure if pricey devices is the way to go. Usually, once you’ve lasted a couple of weeks on keto, you can tell if you’re in ketosis yourself just by judging how you feel or by the keto side-effects you have.

How Does Keto Mojo Work?

Not all people immediately understand that Keto Mojo is a medical device that tests your blood. This means that if you’re not a fan of blood testing or you’re just squeamish in general, this is not the product for you.

All Keto Mojo kits come with a lancing device and lancets. The device looks like a pen is used to prick the skin of your finger. This releases small droplets of blood. For accuracy, you should wipe away the first drop of blood and draw the second into the testing strip, by holding the device upside down (testing strip facing down, main button facing up).

If the blood sample is sufficient, the keto meter will display the amount of ketones in your blood. 1.0 – 3.0 mmol/L is usually a sign of optimal ketone levels for people on a ketogenic diet. 0.5 – 1.0 mmol/L is something you can expect if you’re abiding to a liberal low-carb diet or at the early stages of a ketogenic diet.

Also, it’s important to note that to prevent infection you should replace the lancet after each use. People who do frequent tests tend to re-use the same lancet several times, usually replacing them daily. However, I do not recommend doing that.

If you bought the device and you’re wondering how to use it, I would suggest following Keto Mojo guidelines on this. They’re much more thorough and cover caveats that I might not have mentioned.

Do I Need A Ketone Meter?

Like always, the answer is the same: it depends. Some people enjoy meticulously tracking their progress and re-assuring themselves that they’re on the right track. Others can achieve the results without worrying too much about their ketone levels.

From my keto experience, I never used ketosis strips or a ketone blood meter. Personally, I knew I was on keto by observing changes to my body. This includes both the weight loss and the side effects.

In addition, if you’re truly consuming only low-carb foods and avoid sugar, starch of processed foods, you’re basically guaranteed to be in ketosis.

However, I can’t tell that I wasn’t curious to test myself and see how I’m doing. It’s always nice to put a number on your progress and Keto Mojo definitely does that. Also, the product might be beneficial to people who are struggling to get into ketosis or who want to try out some foods that have a bit more carbs.

For instance, if you’re a keto beginner and you’ve been missing the effects of keto, you might want to check your ketone levels to see if you’re going the right direction. Testing before and after each meal can shed some light on what foods are kicking you out of ketosis.

Long-time keto dieters might want to do the same if they want to test if they’re sensitive to specific foods. Just like in the previous case, such testing can help you identify which foods you can include in your diet and which should be avoided.

Alternatives To Keto Mojo

If you’ve decided to give ketone testers a go, you may want to learn about alternatives to Keto Mojo. Below I’ve compiled a list of several different categories that might help you make the decision.

Ketone Blood Meter

Precision Xtra Glucose and Ketone Meter

Keto meters that measure the concentration of ketones in your bloodstream. This is by far the most accurate way to test your ketone levels.

The biggest drawback of ketone blood meters is that the testing usually involves a lot of steps. This includes prepping the meter, cleaning the skin, replacing the lancet, pricking your skin, drawing the blood and then cleaning up. Some people can’t even stand the idea of pricking their own skin and dealing with blood.

However, if you want the accuracy, you should probably go for this kind of product.

Keto Mojo is definitely not the only player in the market. You may want to check out alternatives that you can find online.

Such devices are commonly used by people who have diabetes and need to keep track of their glucose levels. Often, measuring devices used by diabetics are also capable of measuring ketone levels as well. Keep this in mind if you decide to check out the alternatives.

Ketone Strips

Ketostix - Ketosis Strips for Urine

Ketone strips work by checking the concentration of ketones in your urine. It usually comes in a form of paper or plastic strips which change color when submerged in urine. Then, you use the color guide provided on the packaging to determine the amount of ketones in your body.

The advantage of this option is that it is one of the cheapest out there. One of the most popular brands are Ketostix and they come either in a pack of 50 or a 100. The average price for the pack of 50 is around $14 but it’s not difficult to find them cheaper online.

In addition, it’s also easy to take it with you when you’re traveling as they don’t take up a lot of space.

The drawback is that they can be a bit less accurate than ketone meters like Keto Mojo. However, for home use they should be sufficient.

Note: don’t confuse ketone urine strips with keto test strips used by electronic ketone meters.

Ketone Breath Meter

Ketonix - Ketone Breath Meter

As far as I can tell, there’s only one brand selling a device like this and it’s called Ketonix. It works like a breathalyzer, when you blow into a pen-shaped device which measures the amount of ketones in your breath. There seems to be some scientific research that suggest such measurements can be accurate (source).

However, there’s just one device and it seems like the project and its app have been somewhat abandoned. This can be told by the lack of updates and support for their clients. So for this reason I would not recommend the product.

If this project had more attention by the creators, I think this would be a very cost-efficient for those who do frequent tests as with ketone breath meter you wouldn’t need to buy new strips each time you run out.

At the time of writing, Ketonix costs $240, being the most expensive option of all.

How Accurate Are Ketone Tests?

While reading this article you may have wondered if ketone levels in blood, urine or breath are an accurate representation of the fact if you’re in ketosis or not.

That’s a valid point, because there is a study suggesting that the longer your ketosis lasts, the less ketones are present in your bloodstream and urine. This happens because your body adapts to the new fuel and stops producing excess ketones (source).

For this reason I would not recommend either of the ketone testing tools for people who have been on keto for a very long time. It’s mostly for beginners and those who are still exploring the best possible dieting regime.

Keto Mojo: The Bottom Line (TL;DR)

Long story short, the device works great and it can help you keep yourself in line. However, it’s a bit expensive and it’s not very convenient to use.

Below I’ve put the final pros and cons list to evaluate Keto Mojo ketone meters.

The Good

  • Accuracy
  • Convenient to order and replace strips
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Discounts for U.S. Military Personnel

Where To Get


The Bad

  • Price
  • Involving testing preparations
  • Blood testing is not for everyone

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