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Keto Advanced Weight Loss Review

Based on the feedback we have collected and our expert input – Keto Advanced Weight Loss Pills can help you reach ketosis and burn fat faster. It is a legitimate product that you can really benefit from – if you follow keto.

The Good

  • Reach ketosis faster
  • Speed up weight loss
  • Improve cognitive performance
  • Reduce keto flu
  • Improve physical performance
  • Good energy source
  • Helps you stay in ketosis

The Bad

  • Comes in form of capsules. If you’re a fan of powder solutions, alternatives are below
  • Only available online
  • Side effects like nausea and bad breath (rare)

Overall Verdict

Keto Advanced Weight Loss pills are one of the quickest growing products in the fat burner market right now.

So, does the Keto Advanced Weight Loss fat burner work? Based on the feedback we collected from both, the users and our experts – the short answer is yes – this supplements works. However, there are some twists that you need to be aware of. You need to have reasonable expectations and at the same time, stick to a low-carb diet.

Based on the Keto Advanced Weight Loss pills user reviews – the feedback is mixed. Some people enjoy the product and see its benefits, others are disappointed to see little to no results. In order to find out why is there such large difference in opinion – we had to dig a little deeper.

It is very common that people who take the product, do not make the necessary lifestyle changes that involve introducing a reduced carbohydrate diet. Turns out, this is one of the main reasons that led to negative feedback for Keto Advanced Weight Loss and many other keto fat burner products.

However, people themselves can’t be the only ones blamed. What our experts noticed, is that some online stores and social media influencers provide incorrect information claiming that no dietary changes are required. Our team believes that this is what tricks people into unreasonable expectations.

That’s why, it is important to understand that Keto Advanced Weight Loss is designed to assist your keto diet journey but don’t expect them to do all of the work.

Exogenous ketones can help you reach ketosis, reduce keto symptoms and provide you with energy. This might result in your body’s ability to keep ketosis going with a bit more liberal low-carb diet. The key here to understand is that you shouldn’t forget to keep carbs low and under control.

The effects of exogenous ketones are something that all low-carb dieters can benefit from.

Overall – Keto Advanced Weight Loss can be a great investment that will help you in your keto diet journey. However, don’t expect the supplement to do all the work.

The Benefits

There are numerous benefits that the keto weight loss pills manufacturer advertises. However here you will find only the ones that are verified by our experts are reported by users. Based on the feedback we’ve gathered, you can expect Keto Advanced Weight Loss Pills to:

1. Help you reach ketosis faster to burn fat

Introducing exogenous ketones into your blood stream can induce mild ketosis (source). However, it is important to note that the study used ketone esters. It is a compound that is a bit more potent than exogenous ketones found in BHB salts. Ketosis is the metabolic state in which you burn fat for energy. So, exogenous ketones can help you turn your body into a fat burning machine.

Since the ketosis effect exists, keto pills can be just the push you need to trigger ketosis. In addition, this effect that can allow you to enjoy a bit more liberal keto diet. Just be sure to stick to the serving sizes recommended on Keto Advanced Weight Loss label or the amount recommended by your physician.

2. Reduce your appetite to speed up weight loss

Increased ketone levels in blood flow have long been associated with the reduction of ghrelin, a human hormone responsible for the feeling of hunger.

If you’ve ever been on keto diet, you may have noticed this effect yourself. You feel full after eating less food and you crave for snacks less. Many people even feel completely okay skipping meals like breakfast and lunch.

Recent studies have found that exogenous ketones also exhibit the same effect (source). This makes Keto Advanced Weight Loss pills perfect for those who want to keep their hunger under control. Naturally, reduced hunger leads to eating fewer meals, which results in weight loss.

3. Improve mental performance

Keto Advanced Weight Loss: Improved Mental Performance

For humans, one of the most energy-hungry organs is the brain. It needs fuel 24/7 and usually that comes in the from of glucose (i.e. any carbohydrate).

Especially when you’re transitioning from carbs to fats, you may feel like your cognitive performance is reduced. Exogenous ketones found in Keto Advanced Weight Loss pills can fix this by providing your brain with energy when you need it the most.

Even when once your enters ketosis, keto weight loss pills that contain exogenous ketones can help you boost your brain’s performance (source).

4. Feel less keto flu symptoms

Keto flu is something that all low-carb dieters experience. Some (lucky) people experience only mild effects, while others can feel real flu-like symptoms.

This includes things like nausea, fatigue, muscle pains and so on. It is usually a result of your making the switch to a new energy source. Exogenous ketones in BHB salts can reduce the effects by giving your body more energy to work with (source).

It is important to note, however, that it does not always remove the keto flu completely. While some might experience no unwanted side effects of keto, some people still feel mild discomfort even after taking Keto Advanced Weight Loss.

Everyone’s bodies are different so the results might differ.

5. Provide you with energy

Keto Advanced Weight Loss: Improved Energy

In the end, ketones are all about energy! Consuming a single keto weight loss pill is similar to eating some sugar. As far as your body cares, it’s energy (source). For you, it’s a keto-friendly way to boost your energy needs.

Obviously, I don’t suggest you to eat a pill each time you feel tired. Less is more in most cases and you should stick to the recommended serving sizes. However, taking an extra pill before a workout might be a good idea if you notice a lack of energy during or after the exercise.

The key to success is keeping a good rhythm!

How Does Keto Advanced Weight Loss Work?

By now, a lot of people have heard about the keto diet. The miraculous eating regime that sheds the weight off almost effortlessly. But that’s easy to say by just looking at people’s before and after photos.

There’s a tremendous amount of willpower and patience required. You need to cut out carbohydrates almost completely, which can be difficult for many people.

You are very much limited to the foods you can eat. This makes eating out with your friends and family much more difficult. Snacks that you are probably used to are basically out of equation too.

In the end, it also takes time. While for mildly overweight people it can take several months, for extremely obese people it can take several years to reach the weight loss goals. That’s a very long time to be stuck with foods that are only low-carb.

These difficulties created a perfect environment for products that try to alleviate the dieting process.

How Does Keto Work?

In order to understand how Keto Advanced Weight Loss Pills work, we first need to know how the keto diet itself makes you lose weight.

You may already know that most of your energy comes from carbohydrates (usually foods that have sugar or starch). It provides a high amount of energy but it doesn’t last long. That’s why your body constantly keeps craving for carbs.

Fat, on the other hand, works differently. It provides a little less energy but the energy is comes in a constant stream. This is because (chances are) you have some unnecessary fat under your skin.

Cooking Keto Food

If you cut out the carbohydrates completely, your body resorts to using fat as its energy source. This process occurs in your liver and is called ketosis. During ketosis, fat is deconstructed and turned in to ketones. A ketone is a molecule that your body can use as energy.

The logic behind keto diet is that once you trigger this process, your body starts burning fat 24 hours a day. As long as you don’t eat too much carbs, don’t need to do anything else to lose weight!

How Do Keto Weight Loss Pills Help Keto Diet?

Keto Advanced Weight Loss Nutrition Facts
Keto Advanced Weight Loss
Nutrition Facts

Now you know what ketosis is and what causes your body to lose weight when you’re on a keto diet. It sounds amazing, but it doesn’t explain why you would benefit from keto supplements.

Well, according to the manufacturers, the keto weight loss pills help this your dieting process by introducing more ketones into your bodies.

For example, if you take Keto Advanced Weight Loss pills, your body will receive ketones that did not originate inside the body. This results in an interesting phenomena when the body starts producing its own ketones in response and thus, inducing mild ketosis.

The mechanics of this are a very complicated subject that’s not yet fully understood. However, in further sections of the review I will do my best to explain in more detail about the logic behind Keto Advanced Weight Loss pills and the ingredients inside them.

What are Keto Advanced Weight Loss Ingredients?

The main ingredient in the pills are BHB salts. It is a compound comprised of two parts. One of them is a ketone known as beta-hydroxybutyrate (abbreviated as BHB), the same ketone that is produced inside your body.

The other part of BHB salt is a mineral. Minerals are commonly found found in salt, hence the name. In case of Keto Advanced Weight Loss pills, the minerals are magnesium, calcium and sodium. Keto dieters usually benefit from them as the lack of electrolytes is a common problem during ketosis.

Exogenous ketone is a synonym of BHB salt. You will often see this nickname on the front of the packaging of many products that contain BHB salts. The word exogenous means that it originated outside of the body.

The other ingredients in Keto Advanced Weight Loss are magnesium stearate, gelatin, rice flour and silicon dioxide. All of these ingredients are very common in dietary supplements and medicine. For the most part, they are responsible for the structure of the pill and they are generally considered safe to consume.

From the data that I could find, I can assume that all Keto Advanced Weight Loss pills are manufactured in United States of America, in an FDA-registered facility.

The Drawbacks

While Keto Advanced Weight Loss pills are completely safe to consume, you should be aware of the possible side-effects, reported by the supplement users that you might notice.

1. Upset stomach

It’s probably the most common side-effect. The discomfort is usually related to lifestyle changes in general. However, irritation caused by the supplement is also a possibility.

The good news is that most of the time, this side effect is temporary. In most cases it ends within several days. The digestive irritation is also usually minor, so if you’re experiencing something beyond comfortable limits, immediately stop the consumption of the product and contact a healthcare professional.

2. Bad breath

People on keto diet who don’t take supplements also experience this. Keto Advanced Weight Loss pills contain ketones which naturally have an unpleasant odor. It is a little acidic and somewhat reminds of nail polish cleaner.

But don’t worry, this is relatively easy to fix. All you need to do is keep your oral hygiene in place and it shouldn’t cause you any problems. For immediate relief when you can’t clean your teeth, always carry a breath freshener, a pack of gum or box of mints.

3. Increased mineral intake

One of the main Keto Advanced Weight Loss ingredients is BHB salts. Like I mentioned before, that compound contains minerals that are common in salt.

While in moderation minerals are good for you, you should beware not to exceed the daily limits. As long as you stick to the recommended serving sizes it shouldn’t be a big cause for concern.

On the other hand, people on keto diet often experience a lack of electrolytes which is caused by body’s reduced ability to retain water. This makes minerals present in BHB salts serve a good purpose of replenishing your body’s electrolytes.

General word of caution. If you’re experiencing any discomfort that makes you feel unwell, immediately contact your physician and do not consume the product. Ideally, consult your physician before consuming the product, especially if you are allergic to at least one of the ingredients or have any other pre-existing conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How should do I take Keto Advanced Weight Loss?

The manufacturer recommends you to take two capsules a day. Once in the morning and once in the evening.

It should be taken with a full glass of water, ideally around 30 minutes before your next meal.

You may also take one capsule 30 minutes before starting your exercise. However, I would only suggest doing that if you feel tired during or after your exercise. The same also goes for exercises that are high-intensity.

Do I need to be on keto when taking Keto Advanced Weight Loss?

For best results, yes. However, a bit more liberal low-carb diet is also acceptable. While technically it does not constitute as keto, the supplement should help you stay in ketosis either way.

Don’t forget that the exact amount of carbohydrates you can eat depends on your weight, height, age, sex and many other variables. Be sure to use a keto macro calculator online.

Knowing your macros should reduce the risk of overshooting or undershooting your carbs.

Is Keto Advanced Weight Loss good for beginners?

Generally speaking – yes. Because the supplement comes in the form of capsules it’s not difficult to take the correct amount and stick to the serving recommendations.

However, like I mentioned before, it’s important to stick to a low-carb diet. If you’re a beginner in this area, I would suggest learning more about keto so that you know what foods to eat and what to avoid.

If you decide to give Keto Advanced Weight Loss a go and you’re unsure what to eat, check out this keto meal plan that I’ve compiled just for that purpose.

Where to Buy Keto Advanced Weight Loss

There are many online stores that sell the product. This ranges from specialized supplement stores to big players like Amazon and Walmart.

However, at the time of writing the best price is offered by official distributors of the product. The distributors usually offer better shipping options, especially for people in United States.

Keto Advanced Weight Loss pills are also on the cheaper end of the spectrum. So, if you’re looking for budget-friendly option for exogenous ketones, this might be a good option.

The standard (smallest) bottle contains 60 capsules, which should last you exactly 1 month. The specialized distributors also sell other sizes, so you may order bigger bottles that will last you 3 or even 5 months.

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