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Perfect Keto Supplements – Full Review

If you were researching keto dieting, you may have stumbled upon Perfect Keto. It is a company that makes a wide variety of supplements for people who want to lose weight through ketosis.

They offer products that claim to support your weight loss, make the side-effects better, provide you with necessary nutrients and your both physical and mental performance.

Those are bold claims. But does Perfect Keto actually work?

In this Perfect Keto review, I will try to analyse each product group and check if they live up to their promises.

How Does Perfect Keto Work?

Not unsurprisingly, this product is for people who are on a keto diet. This needs to be told right off the bat. Taking the Perfect Keto supplement without a low-carbohydrate diet is likely to be pointless. Even if you do experience the positive effects, the benefit might be minimal and not worth the money.

Why do I need keto diet? How does it work?

If you already know how keto diet works, feel free to skip this part. I will explain for newbies what it involves and what to expect.

Long story short, carbohydrates provide you with the energy your body needs in the form of glucose. Therefore, very roughly speaking, it means that all carbohydrates look like sugar to your body.

Sugar is a high-energy, quick-to-digest compound that every bit of your body that requires energy, loves. However, any excess carbohydrates that you eat are converted to fat and stored under your skin.

Strictly removing carbohydrates from your diets makes your body use an alternative fuel for energy – ketones (that’s where the name keto comes from). When no glucose is available, ketones are created from fat. This makes people lose their body fat relatively quickly and without greatly reducing the amount of food they eat.

This idea of weight loss had created a niche market for products like Perfect Keto that help people with the struggles related to low-carb dieting.

Keto had become very popular over the last several years. Countless health benefits, along with the weight loss is something that drew tons of people in. Recent high-profile studies concluded that low-carb diet can even lead to a longer and healthier life.

If you wish to learn more about keto, check out this article for beginners.

The idea behind Perfect Keto

Throughout the entire chain of products that Perfect Keto sells, there are two key ingredients. The first one is BHB salt and the other – MCT oil or powder. I will explain more a bit later about how each of them works and what benefits and risks they have.

Perfect Keto incorporates these two compounds into many foods and dietary supplements. This ranges from powders that you mix with water (similar to a protein shake) to energy drinks and instant coffee packets.

According to them, the two compounds make keto dieting easier, tastier and with with less unwanted side-effects that show up when you enter keto.

What Are The Ingredients of Perfect Keto?

Exogenous Ketones

Exogenous is a fancy word that means “from outside of the body”. In Perfect Keto, exogenous ketones come in form of BHB salts. BHB stands for beta-hydroxybutyrate, which is the chemical name of a ketone. It is called a “salt” because in the supplements the ketones are joined to potassium, sodium or calcium ions, all of which are salts.

Now that we’ve dissected the title, we can talk about its effects.

Generally speaking, any ketone, no matter where it originated from, has the same effect to your body. It will be used as fuel. However, unlike carbohydrates, it is a keto-friendly and it now becomes quickly-available fuel!

This means that Perfect Keto supplements which contain exogenous ketones (BHB salts) can improve your cognitive functions and enhance your physical performance (especially for high-intensity tasks). Ketones also have the ability to suppress the hormone called ghrelin which triggers the feeling of hunger.

Another commonly advertised benefit is a bit controversial. The manufacturer claims that exogenous ketones can start the ketosis earlier and keep you in it. This allegedly results in more wiggle room in terms of maximum amount of carbs you can eat.

The testing suggests that there is some truth in those claims (PubMed article). The study observed an increase in ketone production after exogenous ketones were consumed without dietary changes. However, the effects were not very significant and demand more research.

One thing is certain – you should not choose Perfect Keto if you want to lose weight without putting a little effort in your dietary changes.

MCT Oils

Coconut Oil: The Source of MCT

MCT a common oil present in many everyday foods and drinks. Coconut oil is the source for most of the MCTs we consume – more than half of it comes from there. There are other naturally occurring oils also contain MCTs. A similar story goes for dairy products.

MCT stands for medium-chain triglyceride. A triglyceride is a fat compound that has a shorter chain of molecules, compared to other, more abundant fats.

The shorter chain length means that your body is capable of digesting the fats faster. This brings numerous benefits to the human body.

MCT helps with weight loss by triggering the release of a hormone leptin, which is responsible for the feeling of fullness after eating (PubMed article). MCT also has 10% less calories than conventional fats and it promotes the growth of the good gut bacteria (PubMed Article).

And this is not even the end of it. For athletes, it can help reduce lactate buildup, resulting in ability to endure longer exercises. MCT can also reduce risk of heart disease and help maintain diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, epilepsy and autism (source)

Because of all these benefits MCT has made an appearance in many dietary supplements. Perfect Keto is no exception.

What Products Does Perfect Keto Have?

Like we mentioned before, the products can be split into two main categories. I will present the most popular Perfect Keto products that contain exogenous ketones and MCT (or sometimes – both).

Perfect Keto also offers various bundled offers and starter packs that might be suitable for people who are just starting off and are unsure what to pick.

Exogenous Ketones in Perfect Keto

Perfect Keto have numerous products that contain exogenous ketones, the most popular are:

Perfect Keto: Exogenous Ketone Base - Vanilla Flavor
  • Exogenous Ketone Base
    By far, their best-selling product and it is probably the reason you came here. Exogenous Ketone Base contains BHB salts and provides your body with ketones.

    The product is intended for daily use. Perfect Keto recommends one serving in the morning, one in the evening and one before a workout. It comes in a form of powder and has three flavors – chocolate, peach and vanilla. Once mixed with water you get a nice zero-carbs drink that somewhat resembles a protein shake.

    Essentially the same product can be bought in individual packets. Each packet like that contains exactly 1 serving.
  • Exogenous Ketone Capsules
    Has the same effect as Exogenous Ketone Base, but comes in a form of capsules. Some people don’t enjoy the flavor or the hassle of mixing and prepping the ketone drink. It’s also great if you want to take it on the go or when travelling.
  • Perfect Keto Sports Drink
    This mix is great for people who are regularly exercising while on keto diet. It contains a mix of both BHB salts and MCT, as well as BCAA for improved muscle performance. Like Exogenous Ketone Base, it comes as powder that you should mix with water 10-15 minutes before starting your exercise.

MCT in Perfect Keto

Like I mentioned before, MCT is a fatty-acid chain that has significant benefits over regular fats when it comes to your health and dietary needs. Perfect Keto have many products that contain MCT:

Perfect Keto: Collagen - Salted Caramel Flavor
  • Keto Collagen
    This is their most popular product with MCT oils. Essentially it is a protein powder but it also contains collagen, which is more and more necessary for your body as you age. It has a great impact on the quality of your skin, muscles, bones and digestive tract. A variety of flavors is available for this product. For those who prefer it without sweeteners, an unflavored option exists.
  • MCT Oil Powder
    A simpler solution of MCT that comes in a form of powder. Perfect Keto recommends you to take it as a snack or whenever you feel like you need energy or improved mental performance. Just like with many powdered solutions that come from Perfect Keto, people can pick from a number of flavors.
Perfect Keto: MCT Pure Oil
  • MCT Pure Oil
    This is an alternative that has a relatively high concentration of MCT. While not particularly popular, it is a great option for those who want to introduce MCT to the meals or drinks that they prepare themselves.
  • Instant Keto Coffee
    Yet another very popular product from Perfect Keto. While regular unsweetened coffee is keto-friendly by itself, the company provides a variety of well-known coffee flavors that coffee enthusiasts might enjoy.

Other products

Perfect Keto Bar - Almond Butter Brownie Flavor

Perfect Keto produces way too many products to cover in a single article. For example, Perfect Keto also sells low-carb Keto Bars, something you might be craving for when you are on a diet like this.

All in all, you’re interested to learn more, we suggest you to visit their website for the full list of products. However, if you do decide to buy something, always pay attention to the nutrition facts to make sure it matches the nutrients you’re looking for.

How Does Perfect Keto Taste Like?

This is where Perfect Keto has an edge over the competition. Their products are generally considered to be one of the nicest tasting. In addition, almost all of their products that require you to mix them with water, comes with a range of flavors that you can pick from.

Perfect Keto uses stevia as their main sweetener, along with natural flavorings to achieve taste that resemble Vanilla, Chocolate, Lemon and others.

For snacks, you can find even more options. For instance, Perfect Keto instant coffee comes in French Vanilla and Mocha flavors. Keto Bars are available in Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Salted Caramel, Lemon Poppyseed and Almond Butter Brownie flavors.

As for low-carb snacks the selection of flavors is truly huge. And for those who don’t want to keep things plain, unflavored options are often available as well.

Is Perfect Keto safe?

Yes. Most people should not feel any discomfort after consuming either of the Perfect Keto products.

However, always remember that less is more in most cases. Don’t go and buy every product they have and try to get a little of everything in a single day. That won’t help you to achieve your goals.

Understand that the cornerstone of your strategy should be the ketogenic diet. Supplements is just something that keeps you on track and makes the experience more pleasant.

If you are new to keto diet, however, please be aware of the possible side effects. While MCTs and exogenous ketones do reduce the unwanted symptoms, the effect varies from person to person. Expect to feel mild discomfort at the very beginning that involves fatigue, nausea and lack of energy. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water. Every now and then add some salt to the water you drink to replenish your electrolytes.

Warning: if you are allergic to at least one of the compounds present in the supplements, you must consult your physician before buying and consuming the products. Consult your medical professional if you are pregnant or have pre-existing conditions. If you start feeling unwell, immediately seek medical attention.

Where Can I Buy Perfect Keto?

Like virtually everything, you can find Perfect Keto on Amazon. It’s convenient, quick and you will get the same product as from their official website. However, the prices on Amazon tend to be a tad bit higher and the selection of products is somewhat limited.

The best price to get it is probably their official website where you will find all of the products that they have to offer. Every now and then they run sales that let you get the products for a cheaper price.

Regarding shipping, they do offer it at no extra cost for orders over $29. International shipping is also available.

Should I Get The Perfect Keto Subscription?

If you go to Perfect Keto website, you will notice that they offer a subscription for every product they have.

What it means is that they will send you the selected product at an interval. You can select the amount of products and the frequency of shipping (as of now they offer 30, 45 or 60 day intervals).

They will automatically charge you and send you the product without you needing to manually order the product.

It is definitely a good choice for who are continuously using the product. In addition, Perfect Keto adds a 15% discount for every subscription order, so it also saves you money.

However, if you’re new to Perfect Keto I would suggest you to order the products that you want, test them and then make the decision if you need subscription.

If you want to save money on your first order, it is better to get a starter pack that contains several of their products at a lower price.

Bottom Line (TL;DR)

Check out the table below for pros and cons. All in all, if you are willing to stick to a ketogenic diet the supplements are very likely to help you achieve your goals and make the dieting a much more pleasurable experience.


  • Wide selection of products
  • Can help you stay in ketosis
  • Improves physical performance
  • Improves mental performance
  • Reduces keto flu symptoms
  • Tastes good
  • Quick shipping


  • Usually sold in smaller portions
  • Some products are on the expensive side

Where to get it

Perfect Keto Official Website


Alternatives to consider

Purefit Keto

Pruvit Keto OS

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Perfect Keto expensive?

It really depends on what product you’re looking for. Generally speaking, it is on the more expensive side, especially if you want to buy keto snacks or instant energy or coffee drinks.

Powder-based solutions should last you a longer time, so that is usually a better and more cost-efficient investment in the long run. Things like MCT oils (if you buy a pure liquid solution) you can incorporate into your own meals.

Perfect Keto is a bit notorious for low amounts of product present in the packaging. If that ends up to be the case, contact them and let them know that you received an incomplete product.

How do I use Perfect Keto?

It depends on the product that you decide to buy. Always refer to the instructions available on the packaging.

For products that are sold as snacks, there are no strict guidelines set. Eat them whenever you feel hungry or want an energy boost.

For products that are sold as an every day supplement, Perfect Keto recommends you to take one serving in the morning after waking up, one in the evening and one before a workout. One serving is usually a single scoop of powder using a spoon found inside the packaging.

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