Keto Snacks: Low Carb Snacks to Get You Through The Day

Keto snacks

Snacking is considered your worst enemy when you’re following a diet. Good thing – keto is a lifestyle, that’s why it’s okay to have some keto snacks every once in a while.

Everyone gets that feeling of hunger in between meals – that’s normal. The usual response to such hunger is grabbing a snack to get rid of the hunger.

What Leads to Snacking

What’s great about keto, is that you can feast on fatty foods without feeling any guilt. That actually helps, as you feel full for the biggest part of the day.

However, if you keep snacking every day, it might mean that you’re not eating enough fat with your keto meals. So, try incorporating some more.

Or there is a possibility that you might be thirsty. Our bodies often confuse thirst with hunger, so before you turn your eyes on low carb snacks, you should grab a glass of water and make sure that you body is fully hydrated. This way you will know that what you feel is actually hunger and not thirst.

People tend to start snacking when they’re working at the office, when they’re bored, or when watching a movie while sitting on the couch.

So, first thought that arrives – changing daily activities and schedule. This way you became more active. However, when the cold season arrives – some of the old habits return.

That’s why it’s better to know about keto snacks instead of completely running away from snacking. Also, this keto marco calculator will help you calculate how many snacks you can incorporate into your day.

In this guide about keto snacks, you will find some of the best savory low carb snack options and keto sweet snacks. Foods you should avoid are also covered in this article – they definitely are not keto friendly snacks.

Sweet Keto Snacks

For those who have a sweet tooth, the beginning of keto can be really tough. However, if you find some keto friendly sweet snacks – they help you through the journey. Here are some sweet keto snacks to choose from whenever you feel like you need a sweet treat.


When you’re following the keto lifestyle, having some chocolate once in a while is okay. However, you should choose dark chocolate. Dark chocolate is the most keto-friendly option.

Dark chocolate

Chocolate net cabs per 3.5 ounces / 100 g:

  • 86 % dark chocolate – 19 g
  • 70 % dark chocolate – 34 g
  • Dark chocolate – 54 g
  • Milk chocolate – 56 g
  • White chocolate – 59 g

As you can see from the list, you can actually eat a bar of 86% dark chocolate per day and you will still not reach your daily carbohydrates intake limit. However, eating a full bar of chocolate means not eating any other carbs for the entire day.

Little amounts of chocolate will not compromise your diet. Actually, it is good for you as dark chocolate has many proven health benefits, such as the ability to improve blood flow and lower blood pressure. Dark chocolate is also a very powerful source of antioxidants.

Berries and Heavy Cream

Just like dark chocolate, berries are full of antioxidants. However, since berries and fruit are called nature’s candies, they do have carbohydrates in them.

If you feel like you want a sweet treat from the nature, these four berries are the most keto friendly.

Keto sweet snacks: berries – net cabs per 3.5 ounces / 100 g:

Keto berries
  • Raspberries – 5 g
  • Blackberries – 5 g
  • Strawberries – 6 g
  • Blueberries – 12 g

As you can see, raspberries and blackberries are the most keto-friendly option. As mentioned before, carbs from berries add up, so a little trick to get you fuller faster is dipping them in heavy cream (unsweetened). Heavy whipping cream (35-40%) has only 3 g of carbs per 100 g (3.5 ounces).

TIP: pair your berries with heavy whipping cream (unsweetened) to get fuller faster. The same amount of heavy whipping cream has less carbs it than any type of berries!

Fruit as Keto Snacks

In general, most fruit are sweeter than berries (not the citrus ones, of course). That’s why naturally, most fruit have more sugar in them, So, picking a keto friendly snack from the variety of fruits can get a little tricky.

Fruit snack

In general, one of the most keto friendly fruits is lemon – 100 g of lemon only has 6 g of carbohydrates. However, very little people could turn lemon slices into keto snacks – it’s extremely sour. Below is a list of some fruits that you can eat as keto snacks without the overpowering sour sensations in your mouth.

Keto friendly fruits – net cabs per 3.5 ounces / 100 g

  • Coconut meat – 6 g
  • Watermelon – 7 g
  • Cantaloupe – 7 g
  • Peach – 8 g
  • Orange – 9 g

As you can see, there are some fruits that can work as keto snacks. However, since most fruit contain a greater amount of carbohydrates then most vegetables, you should always count your fruit snacks.

TIP: just like with berries, pair your fruits with heavy whipping cream (unsweetened). The same amount of unsweetened heavy cream has less carbohydrates then fruit.

Sugar-Free Sweet Drinks

Sugar-free drinks are my guilty pleasure. To be more specific – Pepsi MAX, as it is sugar-free and tastes better than Coca-Cola Zero. In general, it is not advised to consume a lot of sugar-free drinks and I also don’t recommend doing that. However, they are the thing that helped me through my toughest keto days.

Sugar-free drinks help you trick your body into thinking that it actually got some sugar. Over the years sweeteners that are added to drinks have advanced a lot taste-wise and no longer leave your mouth with the under-taste of plastic or some sort of petroleum.

So, try drinking water and unsweetened tea for most of the time and don’t feast too much on sugar-free drinks. However, an occasional drink won’t hurt.

TIP: if you have very strong cravings, have a sugar-free drink to trick your body into thinking it got carbohydrates. However, don’t drink to many of them as it can have negative impact for your well-being.

Savory Low Carb Snacks

When it comes to savory keto snacks, a variety of them can be purchased at any store, so it’s not a problem to get some low carb snacks. Some of the most common low carb snacks include meat, cheese, vegetables and nuts. Such snacks will help you to get from meal to meal without scaling your carbohydrate intake.

Meat as Keto Snacks

Meat is very low in carbs, so it is a perfect option when it comes to keto snacks. In general, you can pack some prepped meat from home and take it to work, or you can purchase some ham in the nearest grocery store.

Overal, any type of meat is low in carbohydrates, whether it’s a smoked ham or bacon strips. So, it is one of the best keto snacks.

Low Carb Snacks – Cheese

If you’re not fond of consuming meat all the time, cheese is another great option for low carb snacks. The situation of cheese is similar to meat – you can eat nearly any type of cheese.

Cheese platter

However, you should keep in mind that cheese is a dairy product and not all people respond well to consuming a lot of dairy products.

Also, some cheeses have some added condiments to them, such as walnuts, paprika flavors etc. When it comes to consuming cheeses with condiments, you should always read the label as the additional ingredients can increase the total amount of carbohydrates in the cheese.

TIP: be sure to read the labels of cheeses with condiments as those condiments can increase the amount of carbohydrates in cheese.

Keto Snacks – Vegetables

Vegetables are a great source of vitamins and nutrients. Most vegetables that grow above ground have very little carbohydrates and very little calories in them. This makes them perfect keto snacks.

Keto vegetables snacks

As mentioned before, most vegetables that grow above ground are keto friendly. This means you should avoid the ones that grow under ground, including potatoes, onions, beetroots and many more.

In general, green leafy vegetables tend to have less calories then those with color. For example, green cabbage has fewer calories than the red one.

Keto friendly vegetables – net cabs per 3.5 ounces / 100 g

  • Celery – 1 g
  • Avocado – 2 g
  • Cucumber – 3 g
  • Tomato – 3 g
  • Olives 3 g
  • Green beans – 4 g
  • Bell peppers – green – 3 g, red – 4 g, yellow – 5 g
  • Carrots – 7 g

There are more vegetables, such as various types of lettuce that have even fewer carbs. However the list above was made with having the person who needs a snack in mind. So, cabbages, cauliflower and other similar vegetables that are not very convenient to snack on, especially at work, are not included.

Pairing vegetables with dips

If you want to satisfy your cravings faster, you can pair vegetables with some low carb dipping sauces. Such sauces have 1 g of carbohydrates or less per serving, which is significantly less than in some types of vegetables.

Veggies and dip

Since the dipping sauces are very rich in fat, you will get fuller quicker and will consume less carbohydrates. Here are some great sauces to use with your vegetable keto snacks:

  • Various types of flavored mayonnaise – they are very rich in fat and very low in carbohydrates, usually less than 1 g of carbohydrates per serving.
  • Various salad dressings that you can use as dipping sauce for your vegetable keto snacks. Most of them will have 1 g of carbohydrates or less per serving.

Nuts – Low Carb Snacks

Nuts are a perfect source for energy as they are very nutritious and high in fat. However, you should keep in mind that nuts are also very rich in calories, so you shouldn’t feast to much on them.

Keto nuts snacks

Even though a lot of nuts can be considered keto friendly, you should be very aware of how many of you consume. They are small and delicious, but the calories can quickly add up.

Keto friendly nuts – net cabs per 3.5 ounces / 100 g

  • Pecan – 4 g
  • Brazil – 4 g
  • Macadamia – 5 g
  • Hazelnut – 7 g
  • Walnut – 7 g
  • Peanut – 8 g

As you can see, there’s a variety of nut options to choose from, however, keep in mind that you should choose unprocessed nuts. Options like honey glazed or caramel roasted means that they will have additional carbohydrates in them, so that would make them not keto friendly.

Least Keto friendly nuts – net cabs per 3.5 ounces / 100 g

  • Almond – 9 g
  • Pine – 9 g
  • Pistachio – 15 g
  • Cashew – 22 g

Processed or unprocessed these nuts shouldn’t become keto snacks. Not only are they richer in carbohydrates and eating too much could compromise your ketosis, they are also very rich in calories. This means that consuming a lot of them can result in gaining unwanted kilograms.

Keto Snacks When You’re in a Hurry

When you have a full schedule on your day that might even result in skipping a meal or two – you will end up hungry. That is why, it’s good to know low fat snacks which you can purchase in any grocery store.

Here is a list of keto snack ideas when you’re in a hurry:

  • Packed olives – low in carbs rich in fat
  • Ham or salami slices – delicious and will get you full
  • Dark chocolate – the darker you choose the less carbs it has
  • Macadamia and Brazil nuts – delicious and nutritious
  • Raspberries and blackberries – eat them fresh or frozen
  • Cheese slices – if you’re not dairy sensitive
  • Vegetable sticks – baby carrots and celery are easy and convenient to snack on

Snacks that are not Keto Friendly

In general, anything that is rich in carbohydrates is not a keto friendly snack. Sometimes people think that It’s okay, I will just get a few bites. However, sometimes even those few bites have more carbohydrates than your regular daily intake.

Snacks to avoid – net cabs per 3.5 ounces / 100 g

  • Potato chips – > 51 g
  • Candy – > 70 g
  • Pastry – > 50 g

These are only a few examples of high carb snacks. As you can see, eating just a small amount of them can compromise your ketosis. That is why, it is better not to tease yourself with just a few bites. Unless, you have iron willpower and can actually stop after those few bites.

To be sure that you follow you diet correctly, simply stick to the healthy keto snacks. This way you will stay in ketosis and will not consume junk food which is, in general, not good for your health.

Common Keto Snacks Mistakes

When it comes to eating keto snacks (or any other snacks), there are several common mistakes that people make, which usually result in overeating. Here are the most common snacking mistakes and ways to avoid them:

The It’s okay, I will just get a few bites attitude

People tend to overestimate their capabilities to stop and resist snacking, however when the food is good, you simply take another few bites and just ‘forget to count’. Even if your mind forgets to count, your body doesn’t, so the calories add up.

Solution: simply put a little less in your plate then you could actually eat according to your diet. This way, if you’ll still want a few bites, you won’t over-exceed your calorie and carbohydrate limits.

No junkfood on keto

The I will just eat less in the evening attitude

Well, unless you have a busy evening planned ahead of you, this strategy will most likely not work. Why? The situation is similar to the one described above. Most of us tend to overestimate our willpower and it’s really hard to stay away from food in the evening, especially if your plans include watching a movie while sitting on the couch.

Solution: it’s better to keep the extra calories and carbs for ‘later’ then to consume them earlier.

The One little snack won’t hurt excuse

In this case, it depends on the snack. However, in most cases, if we’re speaking about keto snacks, you won’t need this excuse.

Most likely these excuses happens when you know you’re not supposed to eat something.

Solution: If you don’t have the iron willpower, it’s better to keep yourself away from non-keto snacks and surround yourself with healthy low carb snacks.

Keto Snacks – Yes or No?

In general, snacking once in a while is not bad for you. On the contrary, it’s a great solution when you’re in between meals and feel the lack of energy.

However, you should keep in mind that constant snacking can result in weight gain, so you should keep them under control. Unless, of course weight gain is your goal.

To make sure that you stay in ketosis, eat keto friendly snacks, such as meat, cheese, low carb berries, green vegetables and dark chocolate – if you feel like you need something sweet.

Remember that choosing fast food and sweets as snacks will not only compromise your ketosis but is also not good for your health, in general.

If you feel the constant urge of snacking, you should consider increasing the amount of fatty food that you consume with your breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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